Everybody Needs Extra Cash: The Talisman


Today, the second day of the year. I want to expand on some important factors in my childhood and perhaps yours. As I was growing up, my grandmother had a huge statue of Mother Mary. She had a Mother Mary shrine that would rival any shrine, even in our local Church in Kalihi. She would pray the “Hail Mary” to ask for protection and to deliver us from evil. And I am not even joking, but she would do this daily. Her sister my grand-aunt would, whenever I seen her, pray use the Rosary for protection as well. As devout Catholics, these sisters believed 100% in the miracles of Christ. Their other sister, the eldest grand-aunt believed in Jesus Christ so much that she gave her entire house to her local parish as the story was told. Keep in mind; she had no children, and the home was gigantic to Hawaii’s local standards.

Now, my mother’s Mother Mary shrine is gone; however, she does have a picture of herself at the age of 33 years old in the middle of the living room. Also, she has several statues that represent wealth and protection for our family.

Besides the ladies of my family and their talismans, Cofer describes an interesting phenomenon. She describes her past as a skeptic and then reform as a believer (par. 7). In other words, as she grew up she did not believe in Mary, represented by the statue on the lawn that her ancestors thought. She says, that her mother said, “‘Tenemos que salvar a la Santa Madre,’ my mother had joked last year–we have to try to save the Holy Mother” (par. 3).

Then, Cofer goes on to discuss that when her mother passed away, she cherishes the ring that she bought for her mother, now a talisman. Cofer says, “I feel the thin circle of gold on my finger; I twist it around unconsciously during the day. I am practicing magical thinking.” As you can see, after a major event in life, people change their belief system and start believing what is tailored for them.

What talisman do you think will assist you in reaching your life goals?

What items do you wear that makes you feel like you can count on magic, Mother Mary, or even in Pi Yao to bring you protection or wealth?

-Koala Star

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