Learning the Lesson of a Lifetime Doing Things with Passion: Writing Down Your Dreams and Affirmations

When I was a young adult, I caught the bus daily. I saw all walks of life. I saw all different people of all ages. I loved to put myself in the shoes of these outstanding individuals.

I saw children who caught the bus daily to and from school. I saw adults catch the bus to and from work. I saw the elderly get on the bus to visit their loved ones. I was just about to settle for that life, because of the cost and burden of my life to both my parents and others. I did not see that I could progress in life without money, without income. Shortly after this realization, I realized that I needed to work and started working at a very popular clothing retailer. Of course, I continued to use public transportation to get to and from work. I then made the decision to change.

How did I change?

You will NEVER believe it.

I began writing down my goals and dreams daily. I wrote that I wanted to buy a car. I wrote that I wanted to make at least $38,000 per year. As time passed, I could purchase me a brand-new Mazda Tribute SUV on my low salary. Then, after seven years, I started to make more money. I eventually made twice as much as that. I also remembered that during this time I had convinced myself that I could not earn a graduate degree. But, now I have completed two Masters degrees and three years of doctoral work. In my mind, my doctoral degree could afford me the lifestyle that I always wanted. I could make lots of money, and I would be free from debt. Unfortunately, at the very end of these events, I do not wish to be remembered as someone who only thinks about money. It makes me reflect on making more money because of inflation or because of my greed.

Either way, to affirm more and more material things in life, does NOT make one a better person.

So, I thought about it, and after another eight years, I have decided that I will write down affirmations that concern people’s well-being, other people’s healed hearts. People truly need all the help they can get. Mainly, I want to share solutions that come to mind during my trials and tribulations, going on, I can share solutions that people brought to my attention.

If you want something to happen, then write it down.

Make it a passion of yours to ring through for all ETERNITY.

-Koala Star

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