Reflecting on 2016

In the year 2016, we all have had some issues like a roommate who did not pay you rent. The roommate cancels the check used to pay you, with the excuse that they lost their checkbook twice in a large retail chain. Or, nieces who take advantage of their mother and father. They would promise to pay their parents rent and then skip out to move in with us. And nephews who up and leave you high and dry, without a trace of decency. Mind you; this is after you purchase a laptop for him for taking control of his life and staying off drugs.

Last year, we were wrongfully given an offer letter for a new job by the Vice-President of a company, and the company rescinded the offer because of the past. Not to mention, the company terminated that person shortly after. If a company gives you a position, do not quit your current job or you may very well be in deep trouble. Moving forward, we will most certainly make mistakes; however,we will most certainly learn from them; wholeheartedly. In 2016, we focused on the problems that we tolerated. This year we focus on the positive outcomes that life can bring us. The Year of Our Lord 2017 will be a season of empowerment and success.

In the beginning of November, we began practicing writing in a blog format for a broader audience to read. While we both do the authoring, Star Turtle focuses more on making specialized products available to the public.

The mission is:

To provide alternative solutions for issues and concerns with a spiritually based approach.

Whether you believe in God, Christ, other greater deities, or supernatural beings, this blog will provide the answers for you.

Imagine a website with solutions to problems using unorthodox methods that people trust.

Do you have an issue, problem, or obstacle that you are facing that you want to overcome?

Do you have money problems, relationship problems, or health issues?

Have you tried everything and anything that you possibly could to get over something the traditional way, but are still not being successful?

We know we are. However, we turn to our belief systems, philosophy, and best practices to solve them, and they work.

Do me a favor and comment all the problems that you have, and we will do the same.

Star Turtle and I will do our very best to provide a good solution for you.

-Koala Star

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